The Swap is Complete

Thank you for participating in the swap.

LuxChain, formerly known as MetaChain, emerged from a strategic merger with the previously abandoned PowBlocks (XPB) project. Influenced by PowBlocks, MetaChain seized the opportunity to integrate its community when XPB's original team ceased operations. To assess community interest, MetaChain conducted a public poll, where the majority supported a merger through a 1:1 token swap.

However, MetaChain faced a supply challenge; it didn't have enough tokens to facilitate a swap for both XPB and its existing META holders. The solution was to establish a new blockchain—LuxChain. This initiative provided a seamless 1:1 token swap for the holders of both XPB and META. By accommodating both communities, LuxChain was effectively born, uniting the strengths and visions of the two projects into a single, consolidated blockchain ecosystem.